frequently asked questions

Yes, our mats are made with vegan leather and natural rubber.

Are your mats eco-friendly?

Our quality meets or exceeds the quality of much larger competitors. Our clothing lasts long and looks good for years.

How does the quality of your clothing compare to your competitors?

soulfriend mat care



- Wipe your mat with a clean, moist cloth from 
top to bottom
- Role mat with top side out 
- When you arrive home, unroll your mat and lay 
flat (top side up) to dry
- Roll back up and repeat care cycle after next 
- For extra cleaning, wipe with three parts warm water, one part white vinegar. 

- Don’t leave your mat in a hot car
- Don’t allow your mat to come in contact with itself for long periods of time
- Don’t wash your mat with hard chemicals 
- Don’t leave your mat in direct sunlight for long periods of time
- If you practice outside, place another blanket or towel under your mat

Your Mat will naturally stain over time. This will not 
effect it’s performance.

Are your mats non-slip?

Yes, our mats are completely non-slip, even during your sweatiest practices.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping to the contiguous United States.